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We are Italian/English bilingual fixers with extensive experience in television production, our mixed origins allow us to understand Italian and foreign cultures and blend them together













We have been operating as TV producers and fixers since the year 2000. Our work is mainly with international productions. We both grew up in Italy of mixed British/Italian families so we are part of a cultural mix. We understand cultural and language barriers. The main help we can provide to foreigners is the liaison with bureaucratic offices in Italy which can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to deal with, not to mention the scarcity of English speaking staff.

We enjoy our work so much as we team up with very experienced and passionate crews, we spend days and weeks on location with small or larger crews and the team work is one of the keys to a successful shoot. Present day travel and food shows are often demanding in terms of working hours so we are used to long days but with the right spirit we enjoy every minute! We have loyal partners in almost in every corner of Italy and so we can provide reliable services ranging from location scouting, casting, contributors and research to crew hire, rentals, drivers, drone operators. We can provide translation services on the shoot and follow up with interview transcriptions and translation.

Our Team

Alison Ercolani

Alison Ercolani


Alison is a bilingual Italian/English producer and fixer with 15 years experience. She gained extensive knowledge on film production during her long-term role as Production Manager at award winning production company B&B Film where she was responsible for all aspects of production - early stage development, financing, production, post-production and distribution. She has worked with all major international broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, History Channel, Travel Channel, Al Jazeera, HBO, PBS, NDR, arte, National Geographic, Discovery, NHK, Food Network and many more. Her long and intense work in a production company has given her considerable knowledge on creative, budgeting, film permit clearance, staff employment and coordination, trouble shooting, crew management. Being involved for many years in numerous and prestigious historical documentaries and food & travel shows shot all over the country she has now some of the most extensive knowledge as local producer and fixer in Italy.

Paul Parisi

Paul Parisi


Paul is an English/Italian field producer, fixer and still photographer with 10 years experience who has worked with prestigious international companies and clients for television productions, photography, music events and commercials. He has been involved in a great number of shoots in Italy thus his knowledge and understanding of locations, local authorities and providers is incredible and always plays a key role for the success of a shoot. He has filmed in the most notorious and even more remote locations in Italy with the most varied productions ranging from travel & food, format tv shows, commercials, historical documentaries to corporate videos. He also works as still photographer and with photographers to assist photo shoots in beautiful cities like Venice, Milan and Florence for fashion, arts and food. He has worked with many international broadcasters such as Channel 4, ITV, BBC, History Channel, Vice, Travel Channel.

Our Clients

From the Blog


Since 2016 Fixer Italy has been responsible for all of  Gino d’Acampo’s shows filmed in Italy for ITV. Our team has travelled all over Italy to discover with Gino food, culture, history and traditions in each region. West and east coasts, islands, mountains, villages, cities, countryside and we have travelled about using all means of transport arranging the most incredible locations for Gino’s cooks. We have met amazing contributors and family and friends, discovered so much about food and wine producers, fishermen, people dedicated to what they love doing at their best.

Gino’s Italian adventure like Mama used to make in 2022 in his hometown and the region of Campania. Gino’s Italy: Secrets of the South in 2023 filmed in the extreme south and ready to broadcast in autumn.

With Daisy Beck Studios we produced for ITV the full series Gi’s Italy with Giovanna Fletcher and her family traveling back to Italy to discover more about their origins and culture. Working with one of our favourite UK film crews.

In Sicily with BBC studios Entertainment the 3 part series Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Sicily with Strictly come dancing stars discovering the beautiful island with lots of fun activities.

Chef Christina Pirello has been our great new encounter, we filmed 2 series with her team in Italy: Christina Cooks and Back to the Cutting Board for US broadcaster PBS.

We continued our collaboration with Hulu Disney+  for the Kardashians series 2 and 3, the amazing Kim show with D&G and Travis and Kourtney’s wedding, also for Hulu Searching for Soul food with chef Alisa Reynolds. Greece Next Top Model’s episode filmed in Rome for Star TV. A new experience in health and fitness with Ifit team led by Tommy Riv and stunning walks in the Dolomites and Venice.

Not forgetting what we love best: documentary series,  this year we worked on National Geographic’s  WWII Secrets from Above filmed in the south of Italy mostly with aerial filming.

Since 2018 Fixer Italy has been a trusted local provider for Formula E for the Rome E-Prix, an annual race of the single-seater, electrically powered Formula E championship held in Rome.
… lots more still being edited so we will release in due time!

fixer italy - dan snow


This last year has been intense and challenging with the most diverse projects and we’ve teamed up with some incredible directors, presenters and industry professionals from the world over!

Lots of history and archaeology, going back to our beloved Pompeii with UK presenter Dan Snow to launch his new series World’s greatest archaeological discoveries for Channel 5 and History Hit. Working in Pompeii is always challenging as permit clearance is long and complex but Fixer Italy has dealt with Ministry offices for over 15 years and we have the right knowledge and approach with local authorities to clear permission and access smoothly.

We have stepped into a science non-profit project First Signs financed by Natgeo for international distribution following historians, experts and explorers on a journey in the valleys of northern Italy to unravel the marvels and history of cave art. Sourcing and scouting the right locations for base camp and large crew needs for weeks of filming was demanding but collaborating with local authorities and crew was extremely successful.

We supported UK award winning production company Off the Fence for a

an exciting and stylish BBC series that explores history through the unique angle of criminal psychology and forensic anthropology, Ancient Murder Mysteries – back in time to re-tell the stories of infamous and little-known murders.

Fixer Italy also started a new collaboration with Sandstone Global on the incredible journey between Rome and the Amalfi coast for the Channel 5 series Paris to Rome with Bettany HughesWe visited amazing locations in Rome, bay of Naples, Capri and Sorrento. Working with Bettany’s crew was a great experience and supporting them throughout the shoot was a real pleasure.

History & Archaeology documentary has been the start of our career in this industry many years back and we understand how important it is for foreign productions to have our bilingual support to be able to deal with local authorities and cultural offices to clear the most complicated film permits we have in Italy! Negotiating fees, contracts and rights is what we do on a daily basis.

fixer italy christina coocks

Christina Cooks

Fixer Italy has field produced the latest PBS series with TV host, author and chef Christina Pirello.
Back to the cutting board and Christina Cooks, great inspiration for healthy cooking.
We traveled around Rome, Naples, Pompei, Tuscany and Umbria and met amazing food, wine and oil producers.
Christina and her crew blended perfectly with our local team, we worked intensely but with the right spirit just how we like to do! Intense but always professional and with wonderful locations and contributors. The perfect team work that is so important in our business.
Fixer Italy provided  field production, permits’ clearance, filming, make-up and all the logistics involved.
We are so looking forward to the next adventure in 2023 with Christina

fixer italy pasta queen

Pasta Queen

The Pasta Queen cookbook has now been published along with Nadia’s book tour in the US. Fixer Italy produced the Italy tour in Rome and the Amalfi coast for the book stills and stories. It was an incredible experience collaborating with Nadia and our colleague and friend Katie Parla, food stylist and life saver Alice Adams, amazing contributor Peppe Guida and Nadia’s lovely family in southern Italy who welcomed us for the most colourful and charming photo shoot in their home. Fixer Italy’s team blended together with Nadia perfectly. It was a dream team thanks to our skilled stylist, MU and stunning work from the photo team. It was truly inspiring working with Nadia and her family and dear friends. The most amazing pasta recipes cooked with love and experience and the right Roman touch! Nadia is just so genuine and skilled and hands on – that is what food is all about when you have the right ingredients. We filmed with our dearest friends at restaurants in Rome – Cantina Ripagrande and Trecca Cucina di Mercato. Can’t wait for the next adventure

fixer italy drive


2020 and 2021 have been difficult years the world over, we had to adjust and work with very strict Covid rules and often be a point of reference for our clients and foreign crews to support them with the complicated entry rules. It has been a very bumpy ride but looking at the bright side Fixer Italy’s work has increased and we’ve been part of amazing projects. We worked on many remote projects thus field producing and directing remotely when travel was not possible. Fixer services, film permits, location management, content, budgeting, casting and much more. Archaeology, adventure, food, commercials, entertainment, corporate and fashion. Emmy award nominees.

We’ve had returning hosts and projects like Running Wild with Bear Grylls for National Geographic and You vs. Wild: Out Cold for Netflix,  Gino’s Italian Family Adventure for ITV.

Also new and thrilling collaborations with BBC studios for the prestigious international award live event Earthshot prize, a new episode set in Rome of Chef’s Table for Netflix – one of our favourite series of all times and such an honour to have taken part.

A short film for the Friedkin group on the arrival of coach Murinho at Roma football team.

A book project with The Pasta Queen shot in different parts of Italy.

A new episode for Joanna Lumley’s Secrets Cities for ITV,  the launch of The Ferragnez series  with photographer David La Chapelle for Amazon Prime. Drive to Survive for Netflix. Hunting Atlantis for Discovery Channel and for the new online platform Curiosity Stream we produced the archaeology series Secrets to Civilizations.

We keep up the good work and our clients are part of our production family now Fixer Italy.



Gino and his family! Fixer Italy has been producing with Gino all his Italy series since 2015, every year across Italian regions discovering food, places and people. In this brand new series we took Gino and his family back to his favourite places: his hometown near Naples, his second home in Sardinia and down to the deep south of Calabria and Puglia. Fixer Italy has researched, secured and coordinated content and film permits for the whole series. Filming on scooters, cars, boats and with drones, fishing, cooking, dancing and so many more adventurous activities always with Gino’s incredible personality. Travel and food series are the most demanding and longer to prepare but we have managed with the best of support from our local teams in various regions of Italy.

Can’t wait for the next Gino series!

fixer italy BEAR GRYLLS


Back with one of our favourite hosts and production crews.

Filming in the most scenic and incredible spots of the Italian Dolomites we worked for many weeks during the most critical Covid regional closure lockdown. Fixer Italy has provided full production services for 2 episodes of the National Geographic series Running Wild and the Netflix series You vs. Wild: Out Cold. We went above and beyond this time securing the most tricky and difficult services: from WWII props to trained animals, from explosive specialists to a very peculiar prop – an aeroplane!

When you work in this field you understand how much happens behind the scenes and how much passion and dedication the whole team puts in. The incredible professionality of all US and UK crew members and the safety team, local Alpine guides and helicopter pilot made it fun and extraordinary. We worked so hard to supply the best production services even at a time of great difficulty and our local crew has been excellent. We will treasure this experience as one of our best.

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