During this period of total lockdown we have worked on a new episode for HBO Real Sports, a special on Covid 19 – how live sports events have made an impact and played a role in the spread of the virus

and how sports organisations are now working to combat the pandemic. The research phase has been intense as it gave us a direct insight of people’s lives in the most vulnerable region of Italy hit by the virus, in the city of Bergamo.An unfortunate subject with painful accounts from people directly involved but this is part of our job, to uncover stories and liaise with people about all matters, to shed light on and unearth anything worthwhile. We miss our amazing and interesting job, we miss the knowledge and richness that each project brings to us and all the crews and professionals from the world over we share our time with traveling all corners of this beautiful country. At this time, as we slowly try to understand the new rules and a new way of living we are ready and eager to develop new content, unravel new stories, new powerful projects to share worldwide.We treasure all the recent experiences we shared with amazing professionals and contributors and we hope that all hard working and passionate Italians we have come to know through our projects over the years, who have always left us with new knowledge and emotions, will be able to continue with their projects and dreams.And we are here to to tell all these stories