Pasta Queen

The Pasta Queen cookbook has now been published along with Nadia’s book tour in the US. Fixer Italy produced the Italy tour in Rome and the Amalfi coast for the book stills and stories. It was an incredible experience collaborating with Nadia and our colleague and friend Katie Parla, food stylist and life saver Alice Adams, amazing contributor Peppe Guida and Nadia’s lovely family in southern Italy who welcomed us for the most colourful and charming photo shoot in their home. Fixer Italy’s team blended together with Nadia perfectly. It was a dream team thanks to our skilled stylist, MU and stunning work from the photo team. It was truly inspiring working with Nadia and her family and dear friends. The most amazing pasta recipes cooked with love and experience and the right Roman touch! Nadia is just so genuine and skilled and hands on – that is what food is all about when you have the right ingredients. We filmed with our dearest friends at restaurants in Rome – Cantina Ripagrande and Trecca Cucina di Mercato. Can’t wait for the next adventure