This last year has been intense and challenging with the most diverse projects and we’ve teamed up with some incredible directors, presenters and industry professionals from the world over!

Lots of history and archaeology, going back to our beloved Pompeii with UK presenter Dan Snow to launch his new series World’s greatest archaeological discoveries for Channel 5 and History Hit. Working in Pompeii is always challenging as permit clearance is long and complex but Fixer Italy has dealt with Ministry offices for over 15 years and we have the right knowledge and approach with local authorities to clear permission and access smoothly.

We have stepped into a science non-profit project First Signs financed by Natgeo for international distribution following historians, experts and explorers on a journey in the valleys of northern Italy to unravel the marvels and history of cave art. Sourcing and scouting the right locations for base camp and large crew needs for weeks of filming was demanding but collaborating with local authorities and crew was extremely successful.

We supported UK award winning production company Off the Fence for a

an exciting and stylish BBC series that explores history through the unique angle of criminal psychology and forensic anthropology, Ancient Murder Mysteries – back in time to re-tell the stories of infamous and little-known murders.

Fixer Italy also started a new collaboration with Sandstone Global on the incredible journey between Rome and the Amalfi coast for the Channel 5 series Paris to Rome with Bettany HughesWe visited amazing locations in Rome, bay of Naples, Capri and Sorrento. Working with Bettany’s crew was a great experience and supporting them throughout the shoot was a real pleasure.

History & Archaeology documentary has been the start of our career in this industry many years back and we understand how important it is for foreign productions to have our bilingual support to be able to deal with local authorities and cultural offices to clear the most complicated film permits we have in Italy! Negotiating fees, contracts and rights is what we do on a daily basis.